SAT Score Breakdown and Percentile

When you receive your score report, you'll see three scores, one for each section, Writing, Critical Reading, and Math. Each score is on a scale from 200-800 points.

Your SAT Writing Score

Your essay is scored by two SAT graders who will each give a score from 1-6 where 6 is the the best and 1 the worst. The essay score that you see on your score report will be the sum of the scores by both graders. Multiple choice writing is on a 20 to 80 scale. If you answer a question correclty, you get one point; if you answer a question incorrectly, you get -1/4 point; if you omit a question, you get zero points. Your multiple choice score and essay score is then convereted into one score on a scale from 200-800.

Your SAT Critical Reading and Math Scores

The Critical Reading and Math scores are computed similarly to the multiple choice section of SAT Writing. A correct answer earns one point, an incorrect earns -1/4 point, and an omit earns zero points. Again, your raw scores will be converted on 200-800 scales.

Percentile Marks

Next to each section score, you'll also see a percentile. Percentiles represent how well you did compared to others who took the SAT test. A score around 500 is about the average for each section and about 50th percentile. A 50th percentile mark in a given section means you scored higher than fifty percent of other students on that section.

A total scaled score of 1550 is about 50th percentile; 1800 about 80th percentile; and above 2200 is about 99th percentile.