GRE Analytical Writing Section Format

Analytical Writing is the newest section of the GRE. It replaced the Analytical Reasoning section in 2002.

Perspective on an Issue

You will be given two essay questions. One question will be Perspective on an Issue essay and the other is Analyze an Argument. On the former, you will be given a prompt that you can agree or disagree with it. It does not matter what stance you take on the issue. What matters is that you address the prompt, support your arguments, write with proper grammar, and structure your essay appropriately.

Analyze an Argument

For Analyze an Argument, again you will be given a prompt, and you need to write what is wrong (or right) with the author’s argument. Like the Perspective essay, you need to support your arguments, stay within the scope of the prompt, use proper grammar, and follow a logical pattern.

StudyBeans GRE Test Tip

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