What GRE score do I need to get into graduate school?

The GRE score that you need to get into graduate school depends on the caliber of graduate school and the field of study you are applying to.

For example, for a top engineering graduate program, then it is common for applicants to have a high GRE Quantitative score (above 90th percentile) while there is less emphasis on Analytical Writing and Verbal sections. The situation is similar for top social science programs, but there is more emphasis on Analytical Writing and Verbal and less on Quantitative.

Perhaps the most common misconception, however, is that if you have a high GRE score, then you're a sure bet to earn admission to the graduate school of your choice. In many countries a high test score will earn you admission to top schools, but U.S. graduate schools tend to place less emphasis on the GRE than other countries do on their respective admissions tests. Other factors considered in graduate school admissions include letters of recommendation, statement of purpose, and GPA.


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